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New Report: Sustainable Food Systems Market Overview

New report outlines investable opportunities in sustainable land management, technologies reducing energy and inputs, and business models that support regional food infrastructure.

Read the report here

New Webinar: Impact Investing Solutions to the Opioid Crisis

September 26th webinar featuring Sabrina Spitaletta, Rachael Duncan, Doug Leslie. Speakers will discuss impact investing strategies addressing the opioid crisis in the United States.


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We enable impact investors to maximize the social and environmental impact of their investments through cutting edge proprietary research on impact sectors. Research includes market overviews, impact evaluation formworks, unique risk-return analysis and more. Utilizing experts and practitioners from the field, we show you the trends, successful models, and best practices so you can make objective decisions while pursuing your passion.

We offer impact investors the opportunity to connect with other like-minded investors in a private social network. With direct access to leading impact investors and likeminded peers, you benefit from a variety of perspectives from connections you can trust. You can also share information and collaborate with others through discussion forums, investor feedback, and offline events.

We connect impact investors with top-tier experts and thought leaders in different impact sectors. Whether you are looking for someone who can conduct due diligence on a low-cost private school in India, or for an overall evaluation of your portfolio’s environmental impact, we have the experts you need. Don’t waste your time on tracking down the best experts- we already found them for you.


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The Boundless Library is where you can find research reports and articles from thought leaders and organizations in the impact investing field. These resources are either sector-specific or focused on general impact investing issues. All reports are tagged by sector as well as content keywords.

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