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Update: Summer 2016

By Michele DemersBlog

As summer begins, I’m pleased to give you an update on our progress at Boundless as well as our thoughts on the evolving world of impact investing.  Our community is growing quickly and we have held workshops with family offices, foundations and other private investors in New York, Palm Beach, and San Francisco, highlighting growing investing trends in food security, waste to energy, conservation, integrating solar and the grid, healthcare IT, and fin tech in emerging markets.

The growth of impact investing is drawing more interest in our work and we are watching as sustainable investing becomes a mainstream practice in the large financial institutions, and impact investing is beginning to emerge as a serious investment alternative. High net worth investors —  particularly “Millennials” — are expecting more out of their investments, looking to make money but also have a positive impact on society and the environment. Boundless is a resource that firms can use to meet these demands, and our research is being used more widely now to inform impact investments in growth industries that are helping solve major social and environmental challenges. As new high-impact projects in technology, renewable energy, and more, emerge rapidly, Boundless is providing investors with the technical expertise to evaluate these opportunities and make sure they are taking the smartest risks.

We are now working hard to grow our Expert Advisory services, by providing our members with access to the best minds in their target industries. We have already built a network of over 500 of the top industry experts.  You can find further information about these service options on our Expert Advisory page.

We have recruited experts in our research and now have information and experts in over 26 industries across 7 domains.   In addition to completing deep research dives into US K-12 ed tech, affordable housing and food waste solutions, we recently launched a project in air pollution mitigation to assess a range of new technologies that are emerging to address this growing problem in countries like India and China. We are also preparing to launch projects in solar and wind, Alzheimer’s, forestry conservation, and energy storage, as well as new phases of work in US K-12 ed tech and food waste solutions.

Coming up this fall we will be hosting webinars on the industries emerging to address sea level rise, affordable housing, air pollution and energy storage. Be sure to check back on our calendar for upcoming dates. As many of these are provided for members only, feel free to email us for more information.   We hope you will join our growing community of investors looking to address major social and environmental challenges through smart investments in growth industries.

All the best from the Boundless team,