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2017 has proven a busy year for Boundless already, as we expand our research activities into new “impact” industries like energy storage, forestry conservation and elderly care, and offer a variety of new workshops, field trips, thematic dinners and other activities for our members.

On March 30th, we hosted a workshop on the dynamic and growing market for impact investing in healthcare. Over 60 guests — including family offices and health experts tackling issues like Alzheimer’s, maternal healthcare in Africa, the opioid addiction crisis, community health financing, environmental health, and elderly care — convened in New York City to examine public health concerns that cannot be fixed through traditional policy or philanthropic funding models. Speakers discussed the strong surge in healthcare investments that are achieving both financial and social returns. A private equity firm in attendance discussed their financial success investing in healthcare in emerging markets, such as African hospital networks. Backed by leading medical firms, family offices and major philanthropists, the firm invests in some of the largest pan-emerging hospital networks across the globe.

Another highlight from the workshop was hearing from private investors interested in helping reshape the domestic healthcare market in growing industries such as elderly care. With over 110 million people over the age of 50, the demand for more efficient elderly care business models is soaring. People over the age of 50 constitute only one-third of the population, but account for over 53% of consumer spending, and these numbers are likely to continue to rise. The growth of this age group is having a transformative impact on healthcare investment opportunities in real estate, like assisted living and long-term care facilities, as well as new opportunities in technology such as analytics and technology enabled services.

We also released our overview of the U.S. Solar Market Industry, which enables investors to take advantage of financial innovations that meet growing capital demand, foster technological innovations and increase solar asset deployment. Some highlights from that report include indications of growth throughout the industry, with solar photovoltaic installations nearly doubling from 2015 to 2016, and growth projected to remain relatively steady due to improvements in technology and decreased material cost. There are a variety of opportunities to invest in the U.S. solar market, ranging from solar asset backed securities and clean technology hedge funds, to private equity and venture capital, which can help attract follow-on capital to promising enterprises. The solar industry provides a range of promising opportunities for impact-oriented investors from start-ups to more established, mature companies and projects, with new developments being made to help assess risks, returns, and impact profiles.

We will be releasing a market overview on the Conservation Finance sector in May, on Off-Grid Electricity in June, and the Wind Energy industry in July.

We are gearing up for a busy summer, with a multitude of new industry specific research projects and events on the books. On May 11th we will be partnering with Sky Vegetables and Farms, and Baldor Specialty Foods to host a New York City field trip for impact investors interested in sustainable agriculture and food waste. Later this month, we will be hosting a webinar examining how preserving the monarch butterfly through conservation finance presents a significant opportunity to engage private investors.

Be sure to check back on the calendar for upcoming dates. We are excited for all the things to come this year and are encouraged by the progress our members are making to accelerate change and build new markets that can help solve major social and environmental challenges.

Michele Demers

CEO and Founder