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The Student of the Future: How EdTech Companies are Shaping 21st Century Kids

By Events

Boundless Impact Investing and LearnLaunch co-hosted an investor education event on the future of education and how to prepare students to adapt and thrive in the 21st-century digital knowledge and innovation age.

Led by respected EdTech experts and entrepreneurs, this event coalesced investors around a shared philosophy for investing in education and identify what kind of impact and returns can be expected to align with what kind of investments.

Experts and investors we able to answer questions including: What should be the purpose of school in this new modern era? What are the trends in K-12 education today? How do you build and measure non-cognitive skills such as grit, persistence and curiosity in a young person? Why personalized digital learning is key to helping schools transition to adopting ed tech? And for our core investor audience, how can you invest in companies that truly make a social or educational impact, and that can also make smart financial returns? How can investors measure the impact of ed tech companies?