Waste-to-Value Market Overview


“Investing in Waste-to-Value” examines new approaches to managing the increasing amount of waste produced globally. Over 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced annually, which is projected to increase to 3.75 billion tons by 2050. Waste-to-Value processes and investment outlooks go hand in hand with a circular economy, aiming to more productively use and reuse component parts. To encourage and focus investment into this growing market, Boundless conducted interviews with a range of industry and investment experts and gathered insights from a variety of stakeholders throughout the value chain. Experts represented investment firms, private equity firms, debt finance firms, trade associations, and private companies. The private companies included early-stage ventures, mature companies, and those in intermediary stages of development.

As the Waste-to-Value market grows, the financial returns for those same impact investors will grow as well, if they invest in companies and funds integral to that system-wide evolution. Companies that can capture strategic early-stage funding, provide measurable environmental impact, demonstrate economic savings through demonstration projects, and prove their system-wide benefits will be the market leaders.

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