Published by the Rockefeller Foundation, July 2012

This report assesses the progress made over the past four years in building the global impact investing industry. It is divided into three parts: fi rst, context, which introduces the structure of and key actors in the impact investing fi eld; next, an examination of the recent achievements and challenges in building the impact investing marketplace; and finally, presentation of a set of recommendations for accelerating the rate of growth of the field.

Accelerating impact is the organizing theme of this report. Looking back, the past four years have certainly seen accelerated growth in, among other things, the number of organizations in the field, the quantum of capital mobilized, the variety of fi nancial products offered, the number of participants in key networks, the number and depth of research outputs by the industry, and the range of methods and tools for measuring impact. In spite of this impressive progress, however, global impact investing still faces a range of challenges and complexities. Looking ahead, there is both a need and an opportunity for industry leaders to join together to catalyze a powerful further acceleration—a surge in the rate of growth—across a wider range of dimensions, in order for the field to reach maturity, scale and sustainability.

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