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Quantitative Impact Measurement Leads to Strong Returns in Healthcare

Boundless published a new report today that introduces a new quantitative framework for the healthcare sector and shows how investors can both rigorously measure impact outcomes and achieve strong investment returns. “Measuring Health Impact: Quantifying the True Value of Health Enterprises,” was co-written by Boundless and EntryPoint Capital, an investment management firm. Healthcare is a $10 trillion global industry, and clearly a compelling social impact sector in the many ways that companies directly affect lives. Companies that improve patients’ quality of life are best positioned to sustain long into the future, but investors lack consistent and credible analytical standards when evaluating a single company or comparing one company to another. The framework was designed to more accurately measure a healthcare company’s impact against quantifiable objectives, leading to smarter portfolios that include the most transformative healthcare companies.

Investors will keep refining data-driven health impact metrics, but this paper provides an important starting point. Further research into quantifying the “human value” of healthcare companies will help investors shape the future of this industry – one that puts patients on a road to better care while rewarding investors who want to make the world a better place.

Please contact our Health Researcher, Jaishree Singh, at jsingh@boundlessimpact.net for more information.

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