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The Boundless Library is where you can find research reports and articles from thought leaders and organizations in the impact investing field. These resources are either sector-specific or focused on general impact investing issues. All reports are tagged by sector as well as content keywords. We welcome suggestions for impact investing and sector reports and would like to hear from you. Please contact us at info@boundlessimpact.net to submit recommendations.

Waste-To-Value Market Overview

By Nick Setaro | Environment, Library, Waste Management/ Recycling

Purchase the full report here.   Executive Summary “Investing in Waste-to-Value” examines new approaches to managing the increasing amount of waste produced globally. Over 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced annually, which is projected to increase to 3.75 billion tons by 2050. The amount of waste…

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Ed Tech Student Learning Outcomes: The Impact of Learning Tools on Disadvantaged Students

By Michele Demers and Nick Setaro | Data-Driven Impact, Economic Development, Education, General Impact Investing, Impact Investing, Library

The paper, “Ed Tech Student Learning Outcomes: The Impact of Learning Tools on Disadvantaged Students,” examines the potential of ed tech tools to enhance education in Title I schools. Education has a profound impact on the socioeconomic outcomes of students all over the United States. While the relationship between education…

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High-Growth Investing in Alternative Proteins

By Ines Ajimi & Jaishree Singh | Agriculture, Blog, Environment

From growing fodder to cow husbandry, animal agriculture is one of the most polluting sectors of our economy, contributing over 47% of the total greenhouse gas produced by American’s food consumption. It is also a mature industry. Over the past few years, “alternative proteins” have emerged as a high-growth, low-carbon…

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Quantitative Impact Measurement Leads to Strong Returns in Healthcare

By Michele Demers and Jaishree Singh | Data-Driven Impact, Economic Development, Education, General Impact Investing, Health, Impact Investing, Library

Boundless published a new report today that introduces a new quantitative framework for the healthcare sector and shows how investors can both rigorously measure impact outcomes and achieve strong investment returns. “Measuring Health Impact: Quantifying the True Value of Health Enterprises,” was co-written by Boundless and EntryPoint Capital, an investment…

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U.S. Wind Market Overview

By Nick Setaro | Environment, Library

Purchase the full report here.   Executive Summary The image of wind turbines spinning across an amber Midwestern landscape has come to represent sustainable development throughout the United States. This pleasant visual only begins to scratch the surface of the opportunity wind presents to investors. The scope and scale of…

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Investment Appetite Surges in Opportunity Zones

By Rohini Mukherjee | Blog, Economic Development

There has been a lot of buzz about the potential for Opportunity Zone Funds ever since they were mandated by Congress through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Investors can defer capital gains taxes by investing in Opportunity Zone Funds, which invest in designated under-developed areas to rebuild…

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U.S. Solar Market Overview

By Ladeene Freimuth, Jay Shin and Abby Degenhart | Environment, Library

Purchase the full report here. The solar energy industry has innovated and scaled up rapidly in recent years, making it an attractive opportunity for impact investors. But in order to keep global temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius this century, humanity needs greater capital flow to meet the gap…

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Sustainable Food Systems Market Overview

By Abby Degenhart | Agriculture, Environment, General Impact Investing, Library, US Sustainable Agriculture

Purchase the full report here To meet the needs of a growing global population, food production will need to increase by 70 percent by 2050. Yet current methods of food production, distribution and consumption are unsustainable. The food system accounts for almost one-third of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, 50 percent…

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