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K-12 Student Learning Products: Narrowing the Learning Gap for Underprivileged Students

The US K-12 public education system educates over 50 million children, many of whom live in poverty. Investors in K-12 ed tech have an important opportunity to improve the lives of children by driving better student engagement and overcoming the many inadequacies of poorer school districts. At the same time, the market for US PreK-12 software alone has exceeded $8 billion, and recent industry reports project an estimated value of $252 billion for the global ed-tech industry by 2020. How can investors rigorously examine and evaluate PreK-12 student learning products?

This webinar featured Genevieve Hartman of BrightBytes and Michele Demers of Boundless Impact Investing. Speakers discussed a joint study by Boundless Impact Investing and BrightBytes that measured the efficacy of learning tools on disadvantaged students.