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Is the End of Recycling in Sight? Why Waste to Value Might be the Industry to Bet On

Americans generate over 250 million tons of municipal solid waste every year. The sheer volume of waste coupled with increasing space concerns has galvanized the concept of waste to value in sustainability, recycling, and investment circles. We can now convert waste into food, fuel, and other profitable by-products. The waste to value market is now worth US$410 billion and there are ample opportunities for investors to generate not only social and environmental impact but impressive financial returns. To do so, investors can learn about technological innovations and financing strategies in this burgeoning space.

This webinar featured Caitlin Sparks of FullCycle Fund, Rob Kaplan of Circulate Capital, and Karen Luken of Economic Environmental Solutions International. Speakers discussed financing strategies, trends, and new technologies to watch in waste to value space.