Expert Advisory Services

Whether you’re looking for an expert in Affordable Housing or Low Cost Private Schools in Developing Countries, Boundless has what you need. Boundless members enjoy direct access to world-class, sector specific experts in a variety of impact sectors. Experts can be engaged to perform the following services:

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Telephone Consultancies

Connect directly with an expert to get immediate industry insights. Get the information you need to make better investment decisions quickly and efficiently by speaking with thought leaders in the field.


Due Diligence

Hire the best-in-field to vet your investments. Boundless experts will work with you to identify and evaluate investment opportunities, conduct financial and impact due diligence, and monitor the ongoing impact of your investments.


Portfolio Evaluation

Maximize your social and environmental impact throughout your portfolio. Boundless experts can help you evaluate the overall impact of your portfolio, and assist you in aligning your capital with you values.


Events and Speaking Engagements

Enrich your events with stories directly from the field. Learn about exciting opportunities and developments in the different impact investing sectors by host a Boundless expert at your next conference, panel, or workshop.



The Boundless team of sector experts covers a growing range of impact investing domains and sectors. (Hover the mouse to review Boundless activity and resources.)

US Sustainable Agriculture
African Sustainable Agriculture
Latin American Sustainable Agriculture
US Food Security
Economic Development
Affordable Housing
SME Finance
Sustainable Infrastructure
Women's Economic Empowerment
US K-12 Education Technology
Low-Cost Private Schools
Education Infrastructure
Ed Tech in Developing Countries
Smart Grid
Energy Storage
Waste Management/ Recycling
Conservation Finance
Forestry Conservation
Food Waste Solutions
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Healthcare IT
Clean Air
Water Management
Water Conservation
Access to Clean Water