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Expanding the Market for Community Investment in the United States

By US SIF Foundation, Initiative for Responsible Investment, Milken InstituteAffordable Housing, Economic Development, Library

Over 18 months, the US SIF Foundation, the Initiative for Responsible Investment, and the Milken Institute, explored strategies to attract new investors into community-based investment. Their findings are published in this report.

The financial crisis and recession has awakened interest in new investment approaches that have clear collateral benefits to society. The growing interest in “impact investing” both aligns with community investment goals and has the potential to expand the range of sectors and investment products that deliver community development outcomes.

The focus in this project and report was to capture this moment of transition and to explore what factors are at work that could support an increase of investment in community development, as well as those factors that might be limiting investor understanding of or interest in this space. The report focuses on four investor groups: high-net worth individuals and family offices; philanthropic endowments; institutional investors, especially pension funds; and retail investors.

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Expanding the Market for Community Investment in the United States