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Ed Tech Student Learning Outcomes: The Impact of Learning Tools on Disadvantaged Students

The paper, “Ed Tech Student Learning Outcomes: The Impact of Learning Tools on Disadvantaged Students,” examines the potential of ed tech tools to enhance education in Title I schools.

Education has a profound impact on the socioeconomic outcomes of students all over the United States. While the relationship between education and socioeconomic status (SES) is complex, low SES in childhood is correlated with low literacy rates and reduced academic achievement. Schools in economically disadvantaged areas are often under-resourced, negatively affecting students’ academic progress and outcomes.

Boundless Impact Investing partnered with BrightBytes, a learning analytics and research firm, to study the impact of student learning products. The study sought to integrate learning data from numerous service agencies, districts, and schools to assess the return on learning (ROL) of specific products.

BrightBytes and Boundless focused on how specific educational tools impact student performance in math and reading in Title I schools, which educate high percentages of children from low-income families, versus non-Title I schools. This study considered the following questions:

1. What is the impact of ed tech tool usage levels on learning gains as reflected by student test scores?

2. When usage is equal, do disadvantaged students experience the same, less, or greater learning gains on tests as compared to non-disadvantaged students?

The study’s conclusions were quite positive and compelling. We found that Title I students have higher learning gains from ed tech products, particularly in math, than non-Title 1 students. Please download the report below to learn more.

Investment in ed tech has rapidly increased in recent years, which this report highlights and analyzes for impact investors interested in promoting positive trends. By supporting innovative companies in ed tech, impact investors can play a role in transforming the education system to meet the varying needs of all students.

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming Waste to Value Market Overview in early October.

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