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Data-Driven Climate Impact Analysis: Scientifically Gauging What’s Real and What’s Hype

Environmental impact measurement has huge implications for company profitability as we strive towards a decarbonized economy. Increasingly, investors are demanding rigorous analyses of the environmental and social impacts of their investments. The latest climate impact measurement tools show the entire climate footprint of a company and its effects on profitability and scalability.

This webinar featured speakers, Michele Demers of Boundless, Dr. Daniel Zachary of Johns Hopkins University, and Giffen Ott of Synova, who discussed a new Climate Impact Assessment Tool that used proprietary environmental and financial metrics to measure the climate impact of a waste to energy company, Synova. This tool is the first of its kind in that it uses quantitative and scientific data to offer an objective and independent analysis of a company’s impact performance in real-time. Speakers discussed how a new standard of climate impact measurement will move capital more quickly into the most effective technologies.