Who are Boundless Members?

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Forward-thinking Family Office:

Active in education investments, this family foundation wants to understand how better infrastructure can increase access to education technology in low-income areas. The foundation relies on Boundless for its expert analysis, reliable data, and community of likeminded investors.

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Venture Capitalist Turned Impact Investor:

A veteran clean tech investor, he believes in the power of markets to disrupt the status quo for positive change. He uses Boundless to understand the tradeoffs between impact and financial risk, measure the impact of prospective investments, and ensure a cleaner, safer future for his young daughter.

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Next Generation Philanthropist:

She has significant resources and wants to supplement her philanthropic giving with impact investments that promote sustainability. She uses Boundless to learn which companies are successfully reducing food waste, creating incentives for recycling, and bringing organic options to more people.

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Innovative Wealth Advisor:

To serve the evolving interests of its clients, this leading wealth advisor is actively educating himself on how to best support small and medium-sized businesses in Africa. The advisor taps Boundless for customized research and market analysis so his clients can put more money to work for both social and financial return.