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High-Growth Investing in Alternative Proteins

By Ines Ajimi & Jaishree Singh | Agriculture, Blog, Environment

From growing fodder to cow husbandry, animal agriculture is one of the most polluting sectors of our economy, contributing over 47% of the total greenhouse gas produced by American’s food consumption. It is also a mature industry. Over the past few years, “alternative proteins” have emerged as a high-growth, low-carbon…

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Sustainable Food Systems Market Overview

By Abby Degenhart | Agriculture, Environment, General Impact Investing, Library, US Sustainable Agriculture

Purchase the full report here To meet the needs of a growing global population, food production will need to increase by 70 percent by 2050. Yet current methods of food production, distribution and consumption are unsustainable. The food system accounts for almost one-third of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, 50 percent…

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Social and Environmental Due Diligence: From the Impact Case to the Business Case

By Root Capital | African Sustainable Agriculture, Agriculture, Library

Root Capital is a non-profit agricultural lender that developed tools and methodologies for conducting due diligence on the social and environmental contexts and practices of the agricultural businesses that it lends to as a way to put its mission into practice, and to demonstrate its impact. Practices ranging from peat burning for palm…

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