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Michele Demers

Mother Nature’s Revenge

By Michele Demers | Blog

The end of summer 2017 has been notably fraught with natural disasters, but we at Boundless fear this is only just the beginning of Mother Nature’s reminder that climate change is real and fraught with unprecedented risk. The most destructive hurricane to hit the United States in more than a…

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Putting the ‘S’ in ESG: Measuring Human Rights Performance for Investors

By Casey O’Connor and Sarah Labowitz | Impact Investing, Library

Until recently, sustainable investing was a niche in the broader financial landscape. But today, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are increasingly important to mainstream investors. Large financial firms like Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs are expanding their ESG product and service offerings. Going forward, women and millennials are…

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Great Expectations: Mission Preservation and Financial Performance in Impact Investing

By Gray, Ashburn, Douglas and Jeffers | Impact Investing, Library

Impact investing provides investors opportunities to generate social and environmental value through their investable assets. Over the past decade, limited partners have increased capital allocations to socially driven private equity funds. In turn, these funds have increased investment in mission-driven portfolio companies with the goal of increasing the size of…

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Across the Returns Continuum

By Bannick, Goldman, Kubzansky and Saltuk | Impact Investing, Library

For many years, the field of impact investing played host to great debates that involved seemingly irreconcilable positions: Was it possible to achieve both market-rate financial returns and meaningful social impact? Could philanthropic funding coexist effectively with commercial investment? Now, as the field reaches a new stage of maturity, leading…

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How Investors Can (and Can’t) Create Social Value

By Brest, Gilson and Wolfson | Impact Investing, Library

The vast majority of investors throughout the world have a single goal: to earn the highest financial return. These socially-neutral investors only want to maximize their risk-adjusted returns and would not accept a lower financial return from a socially beneficial investment. An increasing number of socially-motivated investors have other goals…

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Update: Spring 2017

By Michele Demers | Blog
2017 has proven a busy year for Boundless already, as we expand our research activities into new “impact” industries like energy storage, forestry conservation and elderly care, and offer a variety of new workshops, field trips, thematic dinners and other activities for our members. On March 30th, we hosted a...
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The Rise of Impact Investing

By Katy Franklin | Blog
The impact investing industry continues to witness impressive growth and is increasingly recognized by and involving institutional investors, corporations, wealth advisors and governments. Private investment is becoming increasingly critical to emerging industries that address major social and environmental challenges -- urgent problems like air pollution red alerts in China, skyrocketing...
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